sebastian herkner

Transit for SZ Magazin (2012)

Transit _ a DIY-Shelf.

I designed for the SZ-Magazin / Sueddeutsche Zeitung. Simple, smart and concertible are some characteristics. You can change the order of the elements easily, using them like a box or upside down like a presentation plattform. Besides the fact of storing books, shelves become more and more displays for souvenirs, personal belongings and memories.

8 international designers like Hella Jongerius, Werner Aisslinger, Sam Hecht or Nils Holger Moormann were asked to design an object for the latest issue.

You can download the structions for and the other designs on SZ-Magazin.

commissioned by SZ-Magazin

project assistant: Martin Hirth

photographer: Sorin Morar