sebastian herkner


Ala collection for Italian manufacturer La Cividina

The initial idea of the design was inspired by plate racks in museums, the special holders for vintage and decorative plates in museums. We transferred this detail to a collection of armchairs and sofas in various heights. The backrest is like a background or protecting shell for the user.
Ala is a collection with simple and lightweight panels, upholstered in fabric or leather in combination with a metal or wooden base. The backrest is seemingly plugged to the construction. Different heights come to various options for their use. You can set Ala in private houses as well as in contract contexts. The high backs are perfect for hotel lobbies or big offices to create more intimate spaces. The armrests continue with the additively character of Ala. They are simply attached to the backrest.
The collection is playful with the combination of bright fabrics and colors. Each piece is a strong and sophisticated character for your place.

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