sebastian herkner

Bell High Table for ClassiCon (2020)

In 2012, the Bell Table marked the starting point of the cooperation between the studio and ClassiCon. Within just a few years, the design has almost achieved the status of a classic – probably because it also fascinates with the unexpected use of materials. Glass, of all things, a material that is intuitively assigned properties such as ‘filigree’ and ‘fragile’, in this case provides solid support as a colourful transparent table base. On top of it: a metal volume that, despite its heaviness, appears to be floating and lightweight. Although the two elements establish a suspenseful contrast, they also form a harmonious unity reminiscent of the elegant curves of a bell.
In 2020, the Bell Table series is being expanded: the Bell High Table has joined the Bell Side and Coffee Tables. Due to its dimensions, it is perfectly suitable as a highlight in any living-dining area and for the presentation of special objects in lobbies and public areas. The masterful craftsmanship, which enables the production of thelargest version of the Bell Tables, needs to be emphasized. Here, too,
the base is traditionally hand-blown into a wooden mould – highly unusual for an object with these dimensions. Each Bell Table is handcrafted and a unique specimen, including distinctive characteristics such as varying glass thickness, small bubbles and unevenness.

producer: ClassiCon